dirtEnvironmental Risk Sciences provides human health and environmental risk assessment services as tools to identify the most appropriate approaches to assist in sound environmental decision making.
We believe that there are substantial flexibilities that can be considered and that, through the use of science-based approaches, risk assessment can be a powerful tool for the assessment of a wide range of contaminants in the environment from existing and proposed sources, assist in the closure of sites, redevelopment planning, and management of environmental liabilities.

Services include the following:
• Human health and environmental risk assessments for contaminated sites
• Human health and environmental risk assessments for existing or proposed industrial facilities
• Development of site specific remediation criteria and identification of risk management measures
• Undertaking vapour intrusion assessments including collection and evaluation of data and modelling
• Development of human health and environmental based guidelines for soil, water or air (national and site specific)
• Assessing pesticide risk and providing technical registration support
• Chemical toxicity reviews
• Risk-based ranking, planning, and evaluation
• Development of methods, models, and guidance
• Evaluation of exposure issues related to incidents
• Identifying, evaluating, and managing persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) substances
• Modelling environmental pathways and assessing exposures for a wide variety of pollutants
• Health impact assessment and support
• Specialist technical review and Auditor support
Our risk assessment group is committed to problem solving in the most appropriate and realistic manner possible using state-of-the-art/best practice principles; current regulatory guidance (national and international); and information from the scientific literature.

• enRiskS does not undertake any commercial testing or remediation of former clandestine drug laboratories or methamphetamine contaminated properties.
• Dr Jackie Wright is an adjunct researcher with Flinders University and is involved in ongoing research into properties contaminated from former clandestine drug laboratories and methamphetamine.